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ADCP / DVL Equipment

Rowe Technologies Dual Frequency ADCP - The Rowe Technologies SeaPROFILER DF model ADCP extends the capabilities of its popular SeaPROFILER direct-reading product family in introducing an ADCP that uses two independent acoustic frequencies, in the same instrument. 

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Rowe Technologies SeaPILOT 300KHz / 600KHz / 1200KHz DVL - The SeaPILOT 300KHz/600KHz/1200KHz models are RTI's most versatile DVLs.  They use RTI's acoustic Doppler Piston (DP) Technology and are well suited for navigation applications in shallow water or in deep water, down to 6000m.  The SeaPILOT's compact size, extended range, and precision make it an ideal solution for ROVs, AUVs, and other submersible platforms.

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