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Data Telemetry - Surface / Subsea

Satel Satelline EASy UHF Data Telemetry Radios - state-of-the-art transceiver radio modem providing a compact and flexible solution for many different long-range applications.

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Trimble TDL450 Radio - The Trimble TDL450 radio is an advanced, high speed wireless UHF data radio,

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Linkquest UWM 4000 Acoustic Modem - Underwater Acoustic Modem.

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Valeport TideMaster Tide Gauges - The TideMaster is a small, cost effetive Water Level Recorder, specifically designed for applications where the user requires an accurate record of water height, but with the added otionn of meteorological data via an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor.

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Seatooth® S100 - a mobile, compact, low powerwireless modem suitable for a variety of underwater applications from 100m - 4000m, with an optional 8MB of integrated memory for data logging.  It will provide areliable digital wireless communication link or logging device up to 5m even in challenging deep water conditions (with no wet-mate connection).

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WFS's Seatooth® Video - a subsea wireless video camera, offering time savings and improved flexibility for ROV and diver operations.

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