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Motion Compensators

Teledyne TSS DMS - From the high accuracy DMS-05 to the more cost effective DMS-25 and the DMS-H, Heave only compensator.
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OceanTools OceanFOG - OceanFog may be used in a wide variety of subsea and surface applications including Survey, ROV navigation, AUV navigation and for Metrology applications.

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CodaOctopus F180/190 Series - The F180 series is a high accuracy Heave, Pitch and Roll device but also has Heading and RTK capable GPS position outputs from a single package.

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CodaOctopus F170 - The F170 range allows for existing GPS equipment to be used to produce an accurate combined Heading, GPS and Motion solution for a low price.

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SBG Ekinox-A Attitude and Heading Reference- SBG Ekinox-A is an ITAR Free Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) or MRU (Motion Reference Unit).  It combines high gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and runs an enhanced Kalman Fiter (EKF) to provide Roll, Pitch, Heading, and Heave.

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