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Subbottom Profiling Systems

Edgetech 424 - The portable light weight subottom tow fish.

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Edgetech 216s - The mid range penetration subottom tow fish.
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Edgetech 512i - This system gives the highest level of penetration with a chirp signal ranging in frequency from 0.5kHz to 12kHz

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Applied Acoustics Boomer System - Applied Acoustics sets a new standard in energy source provision with the market leading CSP range, comes a new generation of Boomer System for a wide variety of sub bottom profiling applications.

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Falmouth HMS-620 Bubble Gun - Portable Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Sub-Bottom Systems.  Low-frequency acoustic signals provide superior sub-bottom signal penetration vertically through coarse sand, gravel tills, and other difficult-to-penetrate sediments.  Small component size, portability, and low power requirements make this a valuable tool for any survey platform.  Multiple Sources can be synchronized to a common trigger without need for external timing control.

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DotOcean GraviProbe  - a free fall impact instrument, analyzing the underwater sediment layers during intrusion.  Simultaneous measurement of depth, dynamic cone penetration resistance and dynamic undrained shear strength.  

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